School Law

“We Take Your Privacy Very Seriously. Really, We Do.”

June 6, 2014 The University of Virginia Law School places a substantial number of its graduates in judicial clerkships.  Of the 364 graduates in the class of 2013, 70 of them, or nearly one-fifth, were in judicial clerkships within nine months after graduation.  Students interested in clerkships participate in a listserv discussing judicial clerkships.  In(…)

I Don’t Have Anything I’m Allowed to Wear!

September 4, 2013 According to the commercials for department store and discount store chains, back-to-school shopping is just a matter of finding this year’s coolest brands. The biggest challenge would seem to be making sure you buy the correct licensed cartoon character. In real life, we know that isn’t true. In many families, the start(…)