July 10, 2014 In a recent post, we discussed the issue of insurance to protect your home in the event of a mudslide.  The post noted that mudslides—along with other natural catastrophes are commonly excluded from homeowner’s insurance coverage. Earthquakes are another common exclusion from coverage.  Many of us tend to think that earthquakes are(…)

Insurance for a Moving Earth

Around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 22, a mudslide hit a neighborhood just outside of Oso, Washington. Forty-two people are known to have died because of the slide, and as of May 23, two people were still missing or unaccounted for. In addition to the tragic human loss, the neighborhood was destroyed. Governor Jay Inslee(…)


Today, you’ve become one of those fabulously lucky people we’re always hearing about.  While playing in a local golf tournament, you hit a hole-in-one!  You did this in full view of the other members of your group, so you have plenty of witnesses to back you up when you tell the story.  To top it(…)